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EcoLogical Energy Systems is the premiere dealer and installer of VELUX solar water heating systems for the southwest Virginia, northeast Tennessee and their immediate surrounding areas.  At Ecological Energy Systems, we take a long look at the experience, longevity and quality of companies and their products before choosing the right partner.

Proven partner
When considering an energy partner, it is hard to know who to trust. With over 65 years of experience as a global leader in solar energy technologies, you can trust that VELUX will be here for you in the future as EcoLogical Energy Systems’ partner.

Through ongoing research and development, extended warranty programs and the creation of installation and service networks, EcoLogical Energy Systems makes sure that VELUX is working to ensure that when you are ready to go green with solar water heating system, whether you are building new construction or adding onto an existing building and whether your project is residential, commercial, institutional or municipal, you will have a trusted resource nearby to assist you.

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Why choose a VELUX solar thermal system from EcoLogical Energy Systems?

Certified Product

VELUX solar thermal hot water heating systems are independently certified by the industry's leading agencies. The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation rate VELUX solar collectors the highest in efficiency at 81% compared to competitors at 70%-79%.

Aesthically Pleasing

VELUX has been known for decades as the global leader in manufacturing attractive and efficient skylights, so it's only natural that they have quickly become #1 in solar thermal hot water heating systems design. 

Different racking systems

Rack Mounted Systems
Our rack mounted collector systems mount on top of the roof using special rack mounting hardware. Rack mounted collectors are used primarily for flat roof applications, or when a roof integrated system may not be feasible.

These systems are offered in either a flat roof version or a parallel to the roof version. The flat roof rack allows for the installation of our collectors on roofs with a pitch less than 15°, or where a variable pitch adjustment is needed to better align your collectors for maximum efficiency.

Roof Integrated Systems
Our roof integrated collector systems have the same low profile look and performance as the VELUX skylights and roof windows used for years throughout the U.S.
These systems use the same flashing systems our customers have come to trust for years of trouble free operation. Systems are available for tile or shingle roof applications where the roof pitch is greater than 15°.

The VELUX roof integrated collector systems are the most aesthetically pleasing solar solution on the market.  Our collectors are all that can be seen on the roof -- all piping and mounting hardware are located beneath the flashing system for a clean look even your neighbors will like.

Storage Tanks
VELUX solar storage tanks are available in nominal 60, 80, and 120 gallon sizes and have been designed to provide the equivalent hot water performance as standard 30, 50, and 75 gallon residential water heaters, respectively. To meet the year round hot water needs of a household, VELUX solar tanks include one of four integral heat sources for backup. Tanks are available in either electric, natural gas, propane, or boiler backup configurations.

EcoLogical Energy Systems also has the capability to design and install larger water heating systems ideal for larger consumers like hotels and restaurants.  Call today to get our sales and engineering staff started on a quote designed for your needs today!

Cost effective solution
On average, if you install a solar water heater, your water heating bills should drop 50% - 80%. Also, because the sun is free, you're protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes. Other financial incentives include:

  • Anticipated payback period of 3 to 7 years, in years with state and federal incentives.
  • Solar energy systems can take advantage of the sun's free energy year round.
  • Solar energy can be produced even at low temperatures.
  • Federal tax credits help pay 30% of the system and installations costs. Many states and utilities offer additional support.
  • Between tax credits and energy savings, this system offers a faster return on your investment than other types of solar energy systems.
  • Lower first-time start-up cost than solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

       Source: U.S. Department of Energy EERE consumer's guide

Environmentally beneficialsolar thermal is actually THE most environmentally friendly renewable energy technology!

  • Solar energy is an unlimited resource.
  • Solar energy does not produce harmful emissions or require transportation or pipelines like electric energy does.
  • Solar water heating systems installed in the U.S. help reduce our household energy consumption, and the nation's reliance on toxic fossil fuels.
  • Solar water heating systems will work anywhere in the U.S., not just sunny states.

       Source: U.S. Department of Energy EERE consumer's guide


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