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EcoLogical Energy Systems offers a vast catalogue of solar photovoltaic energy systems for consumers to produce on-site solar renewable energy.  EES installs both roof mounted and ground mounted systems as well as niche installations such as solar panels awnings and parking area roof systems.

The Site Visit
A site visit is most always required to provide a quality, detail-orientated quote and Return on Investment analysis.  Necessary information is needed to ensure sound engineering and design of each system.  Some of the information essential to develop a system includes roof orientation and pitch, shading, building systems and electricity consumption to name a few.  EcoLogical Energy Systems provides this service for no fee.

Designing Your System
At EcoLogical Energy Systems, we take great pride in designing the right solar power system for each home, business or community.  The information gathered at the site visit is used by our engineering and installation teams to create the best system for your needs.

Once your system is designed and all the necessary paperwork and permitting is completed, installation can begin.  Installations can be just a couple of days on small residential systems or take a couple of weeks on larger municipal projects.  EcoLogical Energy Systems installers are trained and certified.

Grid Tie vs Off Grid SystemsPredominately the solar power systems installed in the nation are grid tie.  This means that the system actually feeds into your utility providers meter through another meter that records how much power you are generating.  So, when you receive your electricity bill, you are still billed for the electricity that your building consumes.  You will also have a line in the bill that credits you for your solar power system production. 

Depending on your utility provider, you may even generate income from producing more electricity than you consume.  See a real utility bill that shows this here.

Off grid systems are connected to your home through the use of deep cell batteries.  These batteries are costly and make the upfront costs for solar more expensive and you cannot generate income from your system by selling to the utility provider.  EcoLogical Energy Systems has the capability to install these systems as well.  Contact us today and allow us to help make your decision.

Your Utility Provider
Only some utility providers offer a program to allow its customers to sell solar electricity back to them.  Some utility providers do not offer this.  In this case, EcoLogical Energy Systems only designs systems that will not exceed a building’s electricity consumption.

For example, TVA’s Generation Partners Program is set-up through its local affiliates to buy back solar electricity at $0.02/kWh above the retail rate its customers are paying them.  They also buy wind power back at $0.02/kWh above retail and provide a $1,000 cash rebate for having a renewable energy system installed on a property.

There are other incentives provided by local, state and federal incentives such as the federal 30% income tax incentive and tax savings from depreciation for businesses.  These incentives help reduce payback time, but they are not always around.  Please check with your region’s providers to see what is available for you and please also check with us as we stay on top of these incentives.

Although the incentives help, keep in mind that a solar power system is a better long-term investment than many financial transactions like a Treasury Note.


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