Solar Pool Heating

How it Works
EcoLogical Energy Systems solar thermal pool heating systems utilize your pool’s existing pump to circulate water in your pool throughout the system. This process begins with an automatic control that can sense the changes in sunlight or water temperature and relays this information to a control valve. The control valve then diverts or channels the pool water to solar collectors, when sufficient energy is available, or bypasses them when heat is not needed. The solar collectors are usually 4’ wide by 12’ long and can be mounted on a roof or ground mounted with an EcoLogical Energy Systems ground mount racking system.

The water is efficiently heated by the collectors, as it flows through the passageways within the collectors (see diagrams). The water then flows back into your pool through the return lines at your desired temperature.

The payback for a solar thermal water heating system is even quicker than any other solar power system like photovoltaic or water heating, usually within three years.  Although the upfront costs are more than a propane, natural gas or heat pump system, the cost of fuel to keep them heated can cost thousands of dollars every year.  This makes solar the best option for a heating your pool!



Environmental Benefits
Heating your pool from the sun is free and doesn’t contribute to burning fossil fuels.  So, jump right in, feel the warmth of the pool and knowing your helping reduce the carbon footprint on the planet!


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