Solar Heaters

The SolarSheat 1500GS uses heat energy from the sun, normally striking the roof or exterior wall, to
heat your home. Each 1500GS can heat a room up to 1000 ft2 (92 m2), depending on heat loss and
solar gain.

The modular frame and mount design allows a single or multiple SolarSheat 1500GS units to be
connected together. They may be used to directly heat multiple rooms, an insulated and sealed
crawl space, basement, radiant floors, or the entire house. The 1500GS may also be connected
directly to your home’s furnace to provide heat in the winter. A template is included to speed
installation. The 1500GS mounts on an external wall or roof. It can also be mounted on the ground
with collector stands.

External Control and Ducting
Fans and controls are available for each different collector configuration.


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